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Hyntelo joins Veeva’s Technology Partner Program

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Rome, September 13th, 2021 – Hyntelo (ex Sixth Sense), an Italian company specializing in the development of digital data analytics products and solutions, announced today it has joined Veeva’s Technology Partner Program. The company plans to integrate its Lyriko solution to feed AI-based “next best actions” into Veeva CRM Suggestions. Hyntelo’s data science capabilities will be embedded into Veeva’s trusted industry solution, helping life sciences companies drive intelligent engagement with their customers.   

Artificial intelligence is one of the most powerful technologies transforming and enabling new business models and effective customer experiences. This transformation is also underway in the pharmaceutical sector where more and more companies are relying on AI to optimize their operations. 

Life sciences companies are evolving their model to continue to compete in an increasingly digital marketplace. With the help of artificial intelligence through our Lyriko, it is possible to offer customers a consistent and personalized experience across all channels,” said Giacomo Filippo Porzio, CEO of Hyntelo.

Sales Reps and CRM platforms remain central to customer engagement efforts, and artificial intelligence and machine learning can elevate their impact. When combined with digital expertise, AI-powered recommendations help pharma field teams improve communication accuracy and effectiveness, accelerate the decision-making process, optimize resource utilization and improve business performance.

Hyntelo’s Lyriko is a software plug-in for Veeva CRM that orchestrates interactions between companies and their customers on all channels (physical and digital). Using a virtual assistant powered by natural language generation (NLG) technology, Smart Suggestions prioritizes the best target customers for promotional campaigns, provides a tool for managing the customer lifecycle, and speeds up the process of closing contracts. By supporting sales reps in managing the 360° customer relationship, this can help increase sales and improve focus on priority products, scientific messages and services.

When integrated with Veeva CRM, the Smart Suggestions solution will analyze data from Veeva (including Veeva CRM and Veeva Vault) and other external data sources to produce suggestions for the rep’s next-best omnichannel engagement. These suggestions are based on customer-specific inputs and business rules. With suggestions seamlessly displayed directly within Veeva CRM, companies can better connect insights with real-time execution and interactions across mobile channels (SMS / WhatsApp), web pages, chatbots, and email.

More and more life sciences companies are looking for solutions to integrate into their systems that leverage artificial intelligence. Lyriko can be integrated quickly and effectively with a variety of business systems while offering high flexibility in the setup of the solution and ensuring the highest standards of security,” said Gianluca Nastasi, CTO of Hyntelo.

Hyntelo’s Lyriko with Veeva CRM Suggestions is available for early adopters, with new features planned for the end of 2021. 

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