EyeDrive is a mobile app that, by connecting to a car, collects data on driving behaviour and provides the user with a wide set of statistics, avoiding the OBD cost.

Main features


Statistics on each trip done by the user.

Driving score

Synthetic score attributed to a driver based on the driving behaviour.

External data

Weather, traffic and street data are integrated to generate enhanced scores and insights.

Phone handling

Detection of distraction (phone handling) when driving.


Automatic tracking of a user as he drives allows to record his position and reduce fraudulent claims.


The app is independent of the phone position - no need to oblige your customers to keep their phone screens facing up.

Eye Drive

Profile & social

Possibility to edit the personal profile, car information, and login through Facebook profile.

Coupling with car

Through a proprietary methodology, the app can be associated uniquely with a car and only track if plugged to a power source.

Offline mode

The app automatically buffers events even in case of network failure and sends them to the server when signal is available.

Score & retrieval

Possibility to calculate score and visualise trips for the last week, last month or a customised date range.

Push notification

The app automatically recognises if the driver is handling the phone and alerts the driver to let it go for enhanced safety.

Eye Drive on mobile

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