Our story

We started in Pisa, conquered Rome and aim for the world.

2010 | The origins 

The company’s founders Giacomo Filippo Porzio and Gianluca Nastasi met at the TECIP institute of Sant’Anna School of Advanced Studies in Pisa in 2010.

Thinking about their future, they knew they did not want to pursue an academic career, as it would be too long and too uncertain. But they both wanted to stay in Italy. So they decided to take the leap into entrepreneurship, exploiting the knowledge they had acquired by working on artificial intelligence, data analysis and processing

2015 | Starting up

The right moment came in 2015: that year they founded Sixth Sense, established as a spin-off of Sant’Anna School of Advanced Studies.

At the beginning, Giacomo and Gianluca had just their computer, their expertise and a lot of goodwill. The growth of their start-up was incredible and immediate, also thanks to the early involvement of the company’s ‘mentor’ and entrepreneur, Renato Giacobbo Scavo

2018 | Scaling up

Since 2018 Sixth Sense kept growing every year: more clients, better opportunities, bigger teams and larger offices to accommodate them. Of course, even more recognitions.

The company’s focus began to shift from providing professional services to developing proprietary products. The process culminates in 2020 with the launch of Lyriko, an AI-based software for Life Science companies. 

In 2021 it was time for another important step: a Seed Round from Gellify, I-rfk and Azimut Libera Impresa.

2022 | Welcome Hyntelo!

By 2022, the company had become bigger, its offer broader and there was a need to be found more easily: it was time to evolve the corporate identity.

With a new name and a new logo, Sixth Sense turns into Hyntelo.

The name derives from the crasis of two words: hint and tell. It means that there are hints and traces hidden in data, and Hyntelo’s job is to find them and make them available to its customers. To simply put it: to tell them. Plus, Hyntelo recalls the word intelligence, which is precisely the knowledge you gather from those hints in the data.

Hyntelo is the name that matches the company’s more mature and international ambition. The core focus, values and commitment remain, but the brand identity has evolved to better communicate the breadth of Hyntelo’s expertise.

Today Hyntelo has over 60 employees, divided between our Rome and Pisa offices, and clients all over the world, mainly in the Finance and Life Science sectors.

Porzio Nastasi young
Sixth Sense Hyntelo founders Giacobbo Scavo Nastasi Porzio
Sixth Sense at Gargonza 2021
Hyntelo: hint + tell