Jens Horneman joins Hyntelo as SVP, Strategy and Customer Success

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Since the beginning of March, Jens Horneman has joined Hyntelo as SVP, Strategy and Customer Success, focusing on Pharma & Life Science for the Central & Northern Europe market.

Jens Horneman is an international, multilingual, growth-driven business executive who brings several decades of industry experience in technological and digital transformations. He has worked with and for all sizes of companies, from start-ups to Fortune 500 organizations across Europe and the Americas.

Jens Horneman builds long-lasting partnerships by delivering strategic value propositions that meet the digital transformation needs of top-tier companies. He achieves this by integrating cutting-edge AI-based SaaS solutions to power up customers’ data management systems. His tasks include articulating and helping transform customers’ global strategies by understanding and by delivering tailored software solutions supported by actionable insights and granular data analytics.

“Jens’ joining the role of SVP, Strategy and Customer Success, Central & Northern Europe will support Hyntelo’s strategic business development in Pharma & Life Science with a focus on bringing value to our customers through the most innovative artificial intelligence solutions,” says Giacomo Filippo Porzio, CEO and Co-founder of Hyntelo.

“We’re thrilled to welcome Jens to the team,” says Christine Lipkau, the CMO. “His extensive experience with innovative foreign start-ups gives us a valuable and seasoned perspective. He’s already proven to be a fantastic team player and collaborator, embodying our company’s values from the get-go. With his clear directions and expertise, we’re excited to see how Jens will contribute to our continued growth and success.”

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