Highlights from Veeva Commercial Summit in Madrid

Huriye Kayış

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Huriye Kayış

Veeva Commercial Summit was handled in Madrid, 28-30 November where wide-ranging seminars from Sales, Medical, and Marketing took place. HynteloVeeva Technology Partner – has joined as a gold sponsor at the Veeva Vault and CRM fields, together with the 1000 pharma attendees.

Keynote highlights

Where more than 100 sessions are handled, this year’s theme was “Ready or not?” – The race to high-value engagement. As noted by Chris Moore, president Veeva Europe, today’s pharma doesn’t need more reps but more high-quality interactions. The goal is to become more relevant to physicians so people better understand your offer.


The summit brought the idea of “high-value engagement” and “technology” together, always around the sales, medical, and marketing fields. While technology is transforming the pharma world, the needs of patients are challenging technology to be:

  • Easy to understand and use: technology should simplify the process and must be quick to onboard
  • Fast: technology should meet the needs of customers immediately so that applications are of high quality and fast
  • With high data quality: this is key to each application and its success. Compared to the past where each data point was distributed across multiple sources, technology is moving in the direction of creating a single data foundation. As the data changes, multiple applications are getting united into a single application.

Product Roadmaps

The event closed with sessions dedicated to product roadmaps which gave us great insights and ambition to enrich Lyriko roadmap as a technology partner. We have spotted three main advancements waiting for the Veeva community in the future:

  • Considering the theme of “high-value engagement”, modular content is the future 
  • Veeva Connect app will be one of the critical features of the Veeva engagement which allows reps to message HCPs directly
  • Veeva link and open data are here to open a new door to the way we have profiled the customers so far. Customer references are yet to be more comprehensive and accurate 

From Hyntelo’s perspective

We were thrilled to see how Content Tagging as a topic become significantly important in the last semester. Hyntelo team and Lyriko got great attention through its Content Tagging module. We have presented Lyriko’s capabilities and vision to the participants who visited our stand and explained how using Lyriko Content Tagging will allow: 

  • Searching for materials in Digital Asset Management Systems
  • Monitoring of content re-use at a deeper level
  • HCP-level personalization for multichannel orchestration

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